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Airfix Vickers Vanguard Airliner


Airfix 1/144 Vickers Vanguard Airliner. New.

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Airfix 1/144 Vickers Vanguard Airliner. New. RRP £10.99

The first Vanguard made its maiden flight on 20th January 1959, and BEA ordered 20 of the V951 model fitted with Tyne R.Ty.l engines. The first of these entered service in 1961 to start replacing Viscounts on many of the short-haul high density European routes.
In the event BEA only accepted six of these aircraft, having the remainder delivered as V953 Vanguards IIs fitted with improved Tyne R.Ty.lIs, The ‘double-bubble’ fuselage of the Vanguard allowed considerable freight to be carried below the passenger deck, and later on some Vanguards were converted for use with BEA and British Airways solely as freighters, this type was known as the Merchantman.



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