Why we redeveloped our online store

Why we redeveloped our online store

We recently redeveloped our online store and we now have a website with functionality that is far superior to that which we previously had. We wanted our customers to be able to use a system that was practical and powerful, while still being able to provide the most user-friendly interface for customers.

Better customer account functionality

ATP Kits customers can now log into their accounts, view all their orders and all order notes added by ATP Kits team, as well as pay for orders that remain unpaid! Customers are emailed whenever their order status is changed or an order note is updated.

Superior construction for mobile devices

This site is built to resize and realign itself to cater to the different screen sizes of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, i.e. they are responsive. It offers a Clean and Attractive Design, Revolution Price Range Slider, Google Fonts Support allowing the designed look on multiple platforms. No more swiping around to find hidden sidebars, zooming in and out to make the text comfortable enough to read. After all this, the look and feel of the site will still be maintained to mirror the original site.

Designing for the web has changed drastically over the last 2-3 years. The days of designing for rigid screen sizes that are set in stone has long gone. Websites now have to be suitable for a plethora of different screen sizes, being used in very varied situations.

Design Interaction

User centred design takes the main stage when it comes to creating responsive experiences, our users need to be able use our site with minimal extraneous thinking. Responsive websites do away with frivolous design as your users goals become a priority.

User Experience

Mobile and tablet sites are touch driven, simple UX principles such as removing hover menus and increasing the size of buttons can make a site a lot easier to use. This is a simplification of mobile design ideals but having a site that adapts to its environment is more than making it just stretch to a breaking point, it has to take into consideration the where, why and how it’s being used.


Responsive navigation is normally very different when viewed on a mobile device in contrast to a desktop. On a mobile you don’t have the luxury of space to expand 6-7 links horizontally across a page. Mobile menu design boils down to different ways of hiding and revealing a list of navigation elements.

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